Quarter of British Public Cut Back Intake of Meat

MeatAccording to a new research, a quarter of the British public has cut back the intake of meat from the past many years. A campaign was organized by about 35 organizations, in which they advise people to consume less meat so as to have better and healthy life.

The YouGov survey collaborated with the campaign organized by the 35 organizations was commissioned by Eating Better alliance. This survey was conducted by more than 1,800 people, in which they were allowed to consume less meat to have sustainable diet.

The survey reported about 34% of the people said that they are willing to consume less meat. About 25% of the people said that they had already left the intake of meat over the last year.

Out of all the people that participated in the survey, most of them were youngsters, who said that they do not eat meat at all. The alliance said people are becoming more cautious regarding their health and are aware the horse meats scandal are bit cheaper and are of unknown origin and poorer quality.

This new report has been opposed by the by the red meat levy board EBLEX. They state that there seems to have an increase in the sale of the red meat according to new market data.