Precautions Related to Use of Asbestos should be Followed Cautiously

AsbestosConstruction employees in Canterbury are being told they should not be care free while using asbestos material. The words were released by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Everyday, such a warning is given to workers, who are putting their health in danger by not following necessary safety precautions.

Canterbury Rebuild Health and Safety Programme Director Kathryn Heiler told many workplaces are lethargic, ignorant or simply do not take the warning related to asbestos seriously. Ms. Heiler revealed that 53 people in New Zealand were identified with one of four diseases related to asbestos and other job-related lung diseases last year.

Inspectors are getting cases related with asbestos daily say the head of safety for the Canterbury rebuild. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is advising all the people who are working at place where asbestos is possibly used so as to make sure that it is correctly recognized.

The majority buildings built before 1980 are being destroyed due to earthquake and it is expected that these buildings contain some or the other form of asbestos.

"It's really important that the guesswork is taken out of this, and our concern is that there something is going wrong in too many cases, in our view, around a failure to properly identify", says Ms. Heiler.