Pigeons Use Smell to Navigate Their Way Back Home

PigeonsAccording to a latest study, the researchers have discovered that the pigeons find their way back home with the help of odors and winds. The study reveals that these birds use atmospheric odors as a map in order to fly back home.

The scientists have been conducting a study over the past 40 year, and have come to a conclusion that pigeons navigate their way by smelling the odors around them and they get bewildered only when their sense of smell is impaired.

They also feel disoriented if they do not have an access to the natural odors and winds near their home sites.

But on the contrary, many researchers are not convinced by this discovery, as they think that wind-borne odors are not enough to provide the map pigeons need to navigate.

Hans Wallraff of the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Seewiesen, Germany, has proved that the atmosphere is full of such elements, which are enough to provide such information to the pigeons, which can help them to navigate their ways.

For proving the above fact, Wallraff collected air samples at about 90 sites a 200 km radius around a former pigeon loft. This experiment was conducted next to Wurzburg in southern Germany.