Clothing sales for Marks & Spencer fall yet again

Clothing sales for Marks & Spencer fall yet againSales figure for the clothing range is yet again down for the 129 year old retailer Marks & Spencer. The women's wear experienced a fall in its sale for nine consecutive quarters.  

Profit figures have been strikingly less as compared to competitors like Primark, who reported a 44 per cent jump in annual operating profits to £514million.

Speculation for such disastrous sales figures have been attributed to

bad fashions and colours, confusing store layouts, a -shortage of availability of key items.

Some retail insiders claim that just to create a sense of exclusivity

the company is intentionally creating a shortage for certain items.

A pink duster coat priced at  £89 was lauded by the fashion press, profoundly advertised and customers were desperate to get their hands on it - but it was sold out before most of the customers could grab it.

Along with this item two other items which were worn by Helen Mirren and Olympic boxer Nicola Adams were also not available in the stores for long.

It has been admitted by the stores that as a part of marketing tactics and  to create demand some items are introduced in "phased drops"