Carrots and Tomatoes can Improve Sperm Quality, Quantity

Carrots and Tomatoes can Improve Sperm Quality, QuantityThe journal Fertility and Sterility published study has unveiled that carrots and tomatoes are very beneficial for improving sperm quality as well as fertility.

A group of researchers from Harvard University carried out the study. They have based their study results on the assessment of 189 college-age men. While giving information about the experiment, study researchers have affirmed that they have assessed the diet and sperm quality.

After carrying out the study, it was found that those men who ate most carrots had the best sperm motility. In addition, men who ate diet rich in lycopene have reduced chance of developed abnormal shaped sperms.

It is due to lycopene that tomatoes and other red colored fruits get their color. Therefore, two things have become clear from the research. First thing is that carotenoids will help in providing high sperm motility. Second factor is that lycopene will provide good sperm morphology.

Experts affirmed that though healthy diet is vital for overall development and improvement in health, carrots and tomatoes are the ones that bring improvement in the quality of sperms.

The researchers have also named sweet potato and melon among food items that can improve the quality and quantity of sperm.