Families land in debt by £140 per month for mobiles

Families land in debt by £140 per month for mobilesFor some families in this technology-led era, smartphones can be a real trouble with many paying at least £140 a month for four handsets.

In the year 2007 only one in 25 calls amounting to 5800 calls a year to the Money Advice Trust were related to phonearrears.

Today, that figure has gone up to as many as one in resulting in 18,000 people calling their National Debtline about phone-related debts.

The smartphone which is considered one of life's essentials has become quiet a costly affair for some.

According to Chief executive Joanna Elson public should remember that the cost of smartphones are included in contract bills, meaning they were `in effect taking out a loan to pay for the handset'.

She explained: `When people fall foul of that monthly fee, they can find themselves with a growing debt problem.

`The figures suggest this is happening more often in line with more people taking out expensive smartphone deals.'

Shoppers must consider the affordability of a new contract and budget carefully before they buy a piece of gadget.