UN urged to overcome political and financial hurdles by UAE

United-NationsThe United Nations was recently made a call by the UAE, in which the latter urged the international community to come over political and financial obstacles that avoid full implementation of the 'Monterrey Consensus and Doha Declaration on Financing for Development'.

At the 'High Level Meeting on the Follow- up to and implementation of the outcome of the 2002 International Conference on Financing for Development and the 2008 Review', a statement was presented before the General Assembly by H. E Ambassador Ahmad Aljarman, Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates, in which UAE reassured that the outcome of Monterrey Consensus 2002 and the Doha Declaration of 2008 form the international integrated mechanism for the financing of development and poverty eradication in the world.

UAE also said that this also provides an inclusive method to tackle the growing challenges facing the world in this area like the current global economic and financial crises.

Aljarman specified further that effectual policies and fast actions like precautionary financial measures helped UAE to contain the impact of the global economic slowdown, as these measures helped to carry on mobilizing the national resources and implementing the development strategies.

Furthermore, they also helped to concentrate on the development of human resources and implementing the strategies of economic diversification, expanding the production bases and the exploitation of oil revenue to establish the infrastructure necessary to launch the development of other economic sectors.

With the help of strategies like these, the nation was able to experience economic growth in spite of the global economic slowdown.

The ambassador explained further that they have given immense importance to the conservation of the environment and the implementation of strategies for mitigating climate change effects through investments in renewable and alternate sources of energy and clean energy, emission reduction and desertification reversal technologies