Scientist asks for funds to develop alcohol replacement drug

DrugIn a new development which may be a pleasant one for all alcoholics, scientists are close to creating a drug which will have the same effect as alcohol but without the side-effects of alcohol like a hangover and health problems.

Ex-government drugs advisor Professor David Nutt said that this can be a serious revolution in health and can become the same for alcohol what e-cigarettes are for tobacco use.

Scientists said that it aims at neurotransmitters in the brain particularly which create a feeling of pleasure and losing inhibitions which are also things that can't be separated from the after effects of alcohol.

Due to the fact that this new drug acts immediately it can likewise be instantly hindered by bringing a cure, with consumers possibly ready to then drive or come back to work straight away.

Prof Nutt is one of the nation's heading neuropsychopharmacologists, yet he and his group at Imperial College London are facing a strong obstacle in their research since there is no one who is raedy to provide funds for this research.

Prof Nutt said that he finds it irregular that they haven't been talking about this some time recently.