Google to go 100 percent renewable?

Google to go 100 percent renewable?Google will invest $80m in solar-powered plants as it keeps in mind exactly what may end up powering its data centers in future.

Google announced in a blog post this week, a new $80 million investment in solar energy in California and Arizona, bringing its total investments in renewable energy since 2010 to over $1 billion. It is the latest step of an ongoing project by Google to lead  the green energy industry.

Rick Needham, Google's director of energy and sustainability, explained Google's shift into the renewable energy industry in an interview earlier this year.

He said, "When Google thinks about sustainability, one of the big areas that we think about is energy because that's fundamentally a core piece of what drives our company. We think what we can do as a company to make sure we're operating sustainably and the ways we can enable a more sustainable world. We ask what we can do to get us to a place where clean energy is an option for everyone."

KKR the investment firm will work together to finance the construction of six new solar farms in the American Southwest. The facilities are planned to be built in the desert regions of Arizona and Southern California. The plants are set to go online in the early months of 2014.

Google says, the completed amenities will, at their peak, generate some 106MW of electricity, which will be enough to power 16,000 homes.

Google is not the only one heading for green technology headlines. Fellow web provider and data centre power provider Facebook has articulated plans to build a facility in Iowa that will entirely be powered by wind energy.