People in South East Unaware of Alcohol Dangers

Alcohol-DangersA new survey from Alcohol Concern has revealed people living in the South East region of the world are still unaware of a link between alcohol and cancer.

According to YouGov plc figures, about 84% of the people in the South East regions of the world do not know that drinking is also linked with breast cancer.

Sources have also revealed about 35% of the public in the same regions have never been asked by their healthcare professionals to drink on an average.

According to the sources, a new survey by the Alcohol Concern is going to launch its Dry January campaign. This survey finds that people in South East do not know about the link between alcohol and cancer.

Also, another fact has been noted in the survey that the medics are also unaware about how much their patients drink as they do not pose such questions on their patients normally.

A survey was conducted online on about 2,043 UK-based adults across the country, which showed that a worrying lack of knowledge is widespread in the people of the South East, as they are knowingly drinking alcohol. This survey suggests that these people are completely unaware of the diseases which can be caused due to heavy drinking.