Reunion Google advert scores millions of hits

GoogleA Google advert scored millions of hits soon after it was posted on the web last week, thanks to the appealing story of the reunion of two childhood friends after six decades of separation.

The ad says that two childhood friends, viz. Baldev (VM Badola) and Yusuf (MS Sathyu), were separated from each other during the partition of India and Pakistan, and that their grandchildren, who use Google's search engine, helped them find each other after six decades.

The reunion ad was produced by Ogilvy and Mather. Directed by Mumbai-based Amit Sharma of Chrome Pictures and written by Sukesh Kumar Nayak, the advert aimed at showing the vale of Google's search engine is in real life.

Speaking on the topic, Nayak said, "Our entire life revolves around Google, it is our instant response to something we don't know. But we wanted to dig deeper, and make the connection between real life and Google, magical."

Sharma also revealed that Badola and Sathyu were familiar with each other from before and would over and over again tease each other on the set of production. He also lauded their performances at the set.

The advert was published on Google's video-sharing site YouTube on 13th of November 2013. Soon after it was published, it went viral. It scored more than 1.6 millions hits before it was officially debuted on TV on
15th of November.