Benefits of Taking the Stairs

Benefits of Taking the StairsIn childhood, people did not mind taking stairs and in fact, they used to love it. But with advancement in age, things change.

Majority of people do not take stairs as they have already spent long hours sitting on chair in front of computers. But there is denying in the fact that taking stairs instead of lift is one the best ways to do light exercise.

In fact, the UK Government has launched a campaign, which encourages one and all to take stairs. On their official website, posters have been put up, which indicates people about how many calories people are going to burn if they take stairs rather than lift.

If to talk about other benefits to take stairs than lift, it is a quicker way to reach to the destination. The second benefit is one of the best one and that is satisfaction. It feels good internally that something nice and healthy has been done.

Lift is a place, which nobody wants to miss. Therefore, scope of meeting and greeting every colleague or neighbor increases. But such is not the case when one takes stairs as they are generally free. Therefore, it is not only good for health, but also gives you needed space.