Rosemary and Spearmint Good for Brain: Study

Rosemary and Spearmint Good for Brain: StudyA recent research has unveiled that spearmint and rosemary extract contains such antioxidants that it can improve memory. It does so by improving learning and memory.

Prof. Susan Farr from Saint Louis University School of Medicine in Missouri has affirmed that they have based their findings on the test being carried out on mice. Antioxidant-based extracts were made and they were tested on mice witnessing cognitive decline.

"However, our experiments were in an animal model and I don't know how much - or if any amount - of these herbs people would have to consume for learning and memory", said Susan.

Study researchers were of the view that there are a number of ways by which one can include rosemary and spearmint in their diet. Rosemary has such a nice fragrance that it can be used to bring aroma to poultry and can be added in bread dough.

It is not the first time when it has been said that rosemary and spearmint are good for health. In 2012, a study was carried out that to unveil that rosemary oil is good for brain. One more study that was carried out in 2010 had unveiled that if the herb is added to beef then it reduces cancer-causing properties.