Another research says aspirin at night drops risk of heart attack

heart attackA recent research has backed the already known fact that aspirin helps reduce the risk of heart ailments. Researchers found that taking an aspirin at night could help in decreasing the risk of morning heart attacks.

During the study researchers administered aspirin to 290 heart patients who were advised to take it either after waking up or just before bed over two times of three months. At the closure of every period, their pulse and platelet movement were noted down.

Aspirins are taken by a huge number of Britons to keep their blood thin and cut the danger of conceivably fatal clumps in their arteries. The study shows that the best time of the day to consume aspirin to avoid heart attacks is at night.

Platelets are minor units in the blood that make it clot, for example during an injury they clot the blood which prevents blood loss. However, aspirin prevents them to stay together and hence cuts the chances of them shaping a cluster that could trigger a heart attack.

The medication of 100mg of aspirin a day did not help in reducing blood pressure. But, consuming aspirin at bed time did make it more challenging for the platelets to stay together in the morning.