Nearly Half of UK Children Too Worried to Sleep

SleepAccording to a latest report, about 45% children in the UK, who are aged between 10 and 14, confess they are unable to sleep. These children say they are too worried to have sound sleep.

The sources revealed that when the children are asked about their concerns, they say they are already worried about their future. According to sources, about 25% of the children say they are highly confused about choosing a future career for themselves.

It is not surprising that exams as well as tests are the most common topics of worry among these children. But, on the other hand, one out of three children says that they do not sleep because of family issues.

Sources revealed that these family issues confessed by the children include parents' arguments, splitting of parents or losing of job of one of the parent.

Sources claimed that this research was conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Big Lottery Fund. Also, it has been revealed that YouGov spoke to about 700 children in order to reach at the conclusion regarding this research.

Sarah Brennan, CEO of YoungMinds charity, said these findings about the children are sad.