Qatar forayed by Masafi’s food business

MasafiThe Qatari market witnessed UAE-based FMCG group Masafi commencing its food division, the Masafi Gourmet.

With the launch of premium potato chips in four flavours: Sea Salt, Sweet Chilly, Four Cheese and Labnah & Zaatar, the company aims to establish a name for it self here.

Masafi business development manager Rami Benjamin expressed, "The chips, which are 100% natural and free of additives, have 65% less saturated fat content compared to other chips available in the market."

Through out the World, the potato chips category is seeing a 34% year-on-year expansion. Masafi chief executive officer Ashraf Abu Saadi told that in Qatar, the potato chips market is worth QR350-QR400mn annually.

Explaining the manufacturing process, officials said that it is in high oleic oil in which these Masafi Gourmet potato chips are fried, the premium reference in oils which contains the lowest levels of saturated fat content among all oils
(25% lesser than normal oil) and the highest mono saturates, which is roughly twice than any other oil. Later the chips go through a de-fatting process through Thermal Air Process to take out excess oil.

All the oxygen is pushed out and instead of it, nitrogen takes its place and then is vacuum sealed once the chips are packed.

In Qatar, Masafi is distributed by a leading FMCG distributor, Variety Trading. On the occasion, Managing director of the company PP Faisal was present too.