Lyme Disease Getting Endemic in Ireland

Lyme-DiseaseLyme disease is considered to be endemic in Ireland. It has been said there are a number of people who might be affected by the disease but are not aware of the same.

This is happening due to lack of awareness among people and GPs. In Ireland, hundreds of people are contacted by the disease. But not everyone is getting the right treatment as some are left untreated and others might be getting treated for the wrong condition.

Professor Eoin Healy from the University College Cork has given information about the disease, which takes place from the bite of ticks that feed on deer, sheep, goats and cattle. It was in 1982 that the disease got identified in Ireland.

The disease can cause a number of problems like arthritis, joint and muscle pain and can even affect the nervous system. It has been said that around 40% of patients suffering from Lyme disease develop long-term health complications.

When it comes to symptoms then they can vary a lot. This condition makes it difficult to diagnose the disease correctly.

"We have the ability to help make ourselves healthier by... watching for the tick bites and then once you get the tick bite, being aware of what the possible consequences are", suggested Dr. Stephen Rich from the University of Massachusetts.