$290 million awarded to Appl in Samsung patent case

$290 million awarded to Appl in Samsung patent caseApple has accused Samsung, its South Korean rival of immense and wilful copying of its designs and technology for smartphones and tablets and won the landmark case in decision given by the  jury in August 2012. The case for so long has been on hold pending multiple appeals.

The initial verdict for more than $1 billion was lessened in March when Judge Lucy Koh invalidated some $450 million and ordered a retrial on parts of the case.

A US federal jury Thursday ordered Samsung to pay $290 million in damages to Apple in a partial retrial of the blockbuster patent case which involved both the  smartphone giants.

The award comes instead of $450 million in damages originally awarded in the landmark suit, but thrown out by a judge. It is in addition to nearly $600 million in patent infringement damages upheld from the trial last year.

Justine Aguilar-Blake who will be 27 years old on Friday was the youngest member among the jury. According to Blake , some members of the panel appeared to know little about the smartphone business.

"A few of the other jurors didn't even know how to use a smartphone," said Aguilar-Blake, who wanted Apple get a payment of less money but joined in the unanimous verdict because of Samsung's lack of supporting evidence.