Joblessness for more than Two Years Leads to Early Ageing among Men

JoblessnessA new study has come up with findings that do not sound good for men who remain unemployed for long time. The study found that men who remain jobless for more than two years begin to show early signs of faster ageing in their DNA.

Researchers reached at the above conclusion after studying DNA samples from 5,620 men and women born in Finland in 1966. The study was conducted by researchers at Imperial College London and the University of Oulu, Finland.

The study saw measurement of structure of telomeres. High risk of age-related diseases is attributable to short telomeres. Telomere lengths were measured by the researchers in blood samples collected in 1997. During this time, the participants were all 31 years old.

Findings of the study revealed that men who were jobless for more than two years were more than twice as likely to have short telomeres in comparison to men who were continuously employed.

"Stressful life experiences in childhood and adulthood have previously been linked to accelerated telomere shortening. We have now shown that long-term unemployment may cause premature ageing too", said Researcher Jessica Buxton, of Imperial College London.

Dr. Buxton said jobless people in early adulthood may find it more stressing compared to those who are close to retirement.