Initiative taken by Twitter to make spying on its users harder

Initiative taken by Twitter to make spying on its users harderAccording to Twitter, a security technology that makes it harder to spy on its users is being implemented and called on other Internet firms to do the same. This measure is taken by web providers as they look to prevent spying by government intelligence agencies.

Twitter's move is the latest response from US Internet firms following disclosures by former spy agency contractor Edward Snowden about widespread, classified U. S. government surveillance programs.

The online messaging service, which began scrambling communications in 2011 using traditional HTTPS encryption, said on Friday it has added an advanced layer of protection for HTTPS known as "forward secrecy." "A year and a half ago, Twitter was first served completely over HTTPS," the company said in a blog posting. "Since then, it has become clearer and clearer how important that step was to protecting our users' privacy."

On Friday Jacob Hoffman-Andrews from Twitter's product security team took things ahead in a blog post, positing that forward secrecy "should be the new normal for web service owners."

"Our work on deploying forward secrecy is just the latest way in which Twitter is trying to defend and protect the user's voice in that world," remarked Hoffman-Andrews.

Some web providers have adopted new privacy technologies to better secure user data. Facebook Inc, Google Inc, Microsoft Corp and Yahoo Inc have openly complained that the government does not let them reveal data collection efforts.