Worcester Trumps Boston to Open Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Massachusetts

Worcester Trumps Boston to Open Medical Marijuana Dispensary in MassachusettsA survey was conducted to select a place that will be best suited for the establishment of dispensaries to cure medical marijuana patients. The new figures by the state regulators revealed that 100 applicants applied to get the license for the establishment of medical centre.

It has been reported that Worcester has left Boston in the competition to grab the opportunity to open centre in Massachusetts. According to latest figures, nine of the no –profit companies shave opted for the Worcester and six have opted for Boston. The two companies Framingham and Lowell has attained third most desirable position, by gaining five applicants.

Along with this, Northampton has attracted three applicants and Cambridge has attracted single applicant with a similarly liberal populace. It has been reported that about 35 permits will be awarded in maximum. State officials are planning to award winners of this competition by the end of January.

Barbara Ferrer, executive director of the Boston Public Health Commission, said: “We are glad there are applicants that have moved forward in Boston because we support the idea that we should have a dispensary in the city”.

She said that she was not surprised of the second position attained by Boston, as it is not an easy task to open a business in the city.