No Need of Y chromosome in Assisted Reproduction, Says Study

No Need of Y chromosome in Assisted Reproduction, Says StudyYou must have heard of the process of reproduction in males and females.  Y chromosomes are the only substance, which are present in males and are vital source of the process of fertilization.

Researchers have led a research to find out the contribution of Y chromosome in generation of first healthy mouse.  They are leading their research with an aim that first generation mouse will be capable of second generation mouse on its own.

The Y chromosomes are only present in males and are responsible for male reproduction.  They are the symbol of maleness.  It has been reported that reproduction in mouse can be done with assisted germ cells from males.  The contribution of Y chromosomes in the generation of offspring in mouse has been limited to only two genes.

The two genes are the testis determinant factor Sry and the spermatogonial proliferation factor Eif2s3y.  Monika A Ward is an Associate Professor at the Institute for Biogenesis Research and John A Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii.  She said that this new research only states that there is of need of Y chromosomes in reproduction in males.

She added that Y chromosomes are vital needed in unassisted fertilization and other aspects of male reproduction.