Ex-Footballer Vinnie Jones claims to have skin cancer treatment

Vinnie JonesAfter retiring from football, Vinnie Jones chose acting to be his forte and he now claims that he has treatment for skin cancer as he says that it was the biggest challenge which he had to come face to face with.

He said that cancer is a scary word to listen to you and one is petrified when told he has it. He added that he has faced the biggest and ugliest players on the football field and was involved in some very tough bar fights, but fighting cancer was his most horrific experience.

Jones spotted a little tissue formation right under his eye and didn't know if it was just a spot or a wart and decided to see a doctor to get it checked.

"When the doctor said I had skin cancer, the first thing I thought was, How long have I got it? A million and one things go through your head said the midfielder who has been in the news for his Wimbledon antics.

Several lumps were removed from his skin before he was diagnosed with skin cancer and Vinnie recommends people that if they find anything unusual on their skin they should immediately see a doctor.