40 NHS trusts still recruiting foreign nurses to meet shortage of staff

nursesThe NHS trusts are still depending on loads of foreign origin nurses to meet the crisis of staff in hospitals.

Around 1,360 nurses have been recruited from other European countries like Spain and Portugal. Even nurses from far off nations like Australia and the Philippines have been inducted by as many as 40 NHS trusts.

An added 41 NHS trusts are wanting to start recruitment drives, and NHS recruitment fairs booked for Madrid and Lisbon in January. With so many foreign nurses available the number of NHS trusts wanting to employ them could effectively twofold.

Recruitment solidifies, budget rationing, a lessening of training posts and absentees are faulted for making a covered up workforce emergency, with just about 20,000 nursing, health going by and midwifery posts empty.

Anyway while the fresh staff from foreign countries will assist understaffed wards manage the additional weights of winter, there are worries about the correspondence aptitudes of a percentage of the staff, and their experience and preparing.

The aspirants for NHS staff should pass a thorough English test if they are non-Europeans and European laws on flexibility of labour have ceased the Nursing and Midwifery Council watchdog from completing dialect tests on Europeans before permitting them on its register.