Government plans $1.25m Public Awareness Campaign to Battle Alzheimer’s

AlzheimerThe government has showed the zeal to battle Alzheimer's with everything it can in the best possible manner. It has been recently announced by the government that it is looking forward to pump in $1.25 million for a public awareness campaign with Alzheimer's New Zealand. This will encourage elderly people to come up for early diagnosis of dementia.

The funding is part of $3.2 million earmarked in this year's Budget to battle the growing Alzheimer's epidemic. Experts are of the belief that numbers of people suffering with the mental disease are highly likely to grow thrice over the next 30 years.

This has become a serious concern for the government to address as it is has potential adverse effects on economy as well. So, the government is trying to take curative measures in advance to offset the worsening effects of the disease in future.

Associate Health Minister Jo Goodhew said that there are various misconceptions among people about the condition, which leads to delay diagnoses. That is why the government is making efforts to disseminate information among people about the symptoms of the disease, so people can recognize them early and go to their GPs for diagnoses.

"Early symptoms of dementia can include forgetfulness, struggling for words, changes in thinking or behavior or difficulty in being able to look after yourself", said Goodhew.