Carleton University student creates a website which tracks use of f-bomb on Twitter

Carleton University student creates a website which tracks use of f-bomb on TwitterMartin Gingras is a 22-year-old of the Carleton University whom the  popular profanity prompted to create fbomb. co, a website that tracks the use of the F-word in real time.

The Carleton University student said his personal aversion for swearing may have given his otherwise light-hearted venture a bit of an agenda after all.

Combining features from the web's two most widely used applications -- Google Maps and Twitter -- the site allows readers to view where in the world f-bombs are falling and in precisely what circumstance they are being used for.

Gingras mentioned that the drive for the site came from a lunch-time conversation with a few friends, all of whom were lamenting the effect vulgar word could have on rational conversation.

"It's more of an entertainment thing, but once people are on it, hopefully they read through a couple and realize how ridiculous it sounds," he said in an interview from Ottawa.

Mr Gingras claims that he does not keep the track of the actual locations where users tweeting the F-word from. Therefore there is no risk of personal security that may be caused due the tracking of individual locations.  He believes that the Web site should only be treated as a means of light-hearted entertainment. It is not possible for the Web site to track any user unless the user gives permission to the Web site to track whenever they drop the F-bomb.