Neurosurgeon Stripped of his License to Practice

Neurosurgeon Stripped of his License to PracticeAccording to a new report, a license to practice has been taken away from an experienced brain surgeon. A neurosurgeon has been stripped of his license after he failed to remove brain tumor from his patient.

Emmanuel Labram, neurosurgeon, has performed a surgery of a woman at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. The Emmanuel said the husband of that woman that he had successfully completed his surgery, but in actual had only removed tiny fragments of the lesion.

Moreover, the doctor wrote a letter to GP that the woman requires no further treatment and is totally well. In 2008, this woman was referred for treatment and in 2009 her actual pathology report was altered by Emmanuel.

Emmanuel had done this in order to cover his wrong tracks. An inquiry was launched against him regarding his misconducts, but was allowed to continue his practicing till 2012. The woman had also charged a complaint against the doctor, but he was able to continue his practice by the end of 2012.

Dr. Howard Freeman, panel chairman, said: “The panel considers that Labram's misconduct put Patient A at serious risk of harm, he abused his position of trust and he violated Patient A's rights”.