Esther Rantzen Concerned over Britain's Chronically Lonely People

Esther Rantzen Concerned over Britain's Chronically Lonely PeopleAccording to latest statistics by the Government of Britain, 800,000 people are chronically lonely in the country.

It has been sighted by sources that around five million people have already confessed that their main form of company is only television.

According to the sources, a woman, Esther Rantzen, is running a campaign in order to help such people as her agenda is to make lonely people less lonely.

Also, Esther Rantzen is behind such a campaign because according to her she is also sailing in the same boat at times.

According to a latest report, Esther Rantzen has joined the Phil and Holly on ITV This Morning in order to talk about the people who are suffering from loneliness in the present scenario.

She talks about the growing population of people who remain in solitude most of the time and who are left with only TV to serve as their best companion.

The woman says that she thinks that loneliness gives a sad feeling of loss. She says many people prefer to stay alone and are quite happy about the fact. But on the other hand, for some people who have lost one of their family member or who have lost their job, loneliness can even become a curse.