Iran Deal Scares Saudi Arabia and Israel

 Iran Deal Scares Saudi Arabia and IsraelThe agreement about nuclear deal last weekend between U. S and Iran is creating bizarre bedfellows in the Middle East, with long time American allies Israel and Saudi Arabia thinking about new alliances to control their common enemy.

Not everyone in Israel is opposed to the nuclear deal. Amos Yadlin former Chief of Defence Intelligence, believe it should be given a chance to prove itself.

The agreement to allow limited sanctions relief for the Islamic Republic in return for the promised suspension of the country's nuclear development came as a significant blow to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as had long campaigned against any slackening of pressure on the Iranian government.

On Sunday, Netanyahu criticized the Geneva deal as a historic mistake, appears to have been reassured to some degree by a telephone conversation later that day with President Obama, who restated his firm commitment to Israel, which has good reason to be sceptical about Iran's intentions.

Zeev Maghen, Chairman of Department of Middle East Studies at Israel's Bar Ilan University and Senior Fellow at the Shalem Institute, is one of those who consider it could be catastrophic.