Top medic says assessment of health online bound to increase in future

Top medic says assessment of health online bound to increase in futureOne of the top medical experts has predicted that that in the future more and more people will assess their health online as will online shopping and banking.

The former chairwoman of the Royal College of General Practitioners has said that the coming few years will witness a sudden increase in patients consulting their family doctors over the net instead of physical consultations.

The expert, Clare Gerada said that with the advent of newer gadgets for communication patients could consult their physicians over email, telephone, video calls and even going through symptoms over the internet.

She said that booking appointments with doctors and consultations will all be done online very soon in all hospitals and clinics. She has made these predictions in the wake of NHS chiefs warning that the present system of care in London is unsustainable and will very soon not be able to meet the increasing rush.

A debate has been initiated by health officials regarding how the future of GP services must be changed to an online system in London. The London branch of the NHS said that beating around the bush is not the answer and that something concrete needs to be done.