NHS instructed to ban smoking close to hospitals

NHS instructed to ban smoking close to hospitalsAs per latest guidelines given to the NHS trusts, they have been asked to ban smoking anywhere close to hospital premises and also ban their own staff from smoking and restricting patients who want to smoke inside the hospital.

The NHS has also been advised to have an on-site stop-smoking staff who keep a check on patients who want to smoke and completely deny any requests from anyone who want to smoke.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) said that steps should be taken to assist patients to stop smoking while they are admitted in the hospital and eventually help them quit completely.

NICE said that on this topic the NHS trusts will have the final authority but in the meanwhile NHS hospitals and clinics should not allow anyone to smoke on the premises of the hospital.

Professor Mike Kelly, executive of the Centre for Public Health Excellence at Nice, depicted the direction as a `cultural move' rather than making a `penal society' and said it is required to end the frightful scene of individuals on trickles in healing facility outfits smoking outside healing center doors.