Scientists Developing 3D Synthetic Skin

Synthetic-SkinWith the gradual increase in field of science, new technologies are being developed that contribute a lot in solving complex tasks.

According to a new report, UK scientists are developing a natural looking 3D printed synthetic skin. They are developing this 3D skin that will match the natural skin of person according to its age, gender and ethnic group. Along with this some researchers from the University of Manchester and University of Liverpool are also developing 3D image processing and skin modeling techniques.

These techniques will be used to copy person's skin with that of 3D skin so that it looks similar in any source of light. It has been reported that this new synthetic skin does not reflect the diversity of the surface like those affected by wrinkles, veins and freckles.

A scientist said several measures have to be taken by them, while developing 3D synthetic skin. They said that skin is often influenced by factors like shadows, so they have used 3D cameras to have symmetric geometry.

They also need to take care of the fact that skin produce same effects during day light as well as artificial light. Scientists said that basic strand of the project is to have perfect 3D camera technology and subsequent image processing. This will help them in matching skin tone and skin texture of an individual under varying light sources.