Somali pirates hijack UAE vassal

Somali-Pirates-Hijack-UAE-VassalSomali pirates have been posing a major threat to the commercial activities taking place through the sea route adjoining Somali shores. In a latest incidence, the pirates hijacked another UAE-based boat. Its crew members are still in their captivity. The pirates attacked eight Indian cargo vessels few days back and country's more than 100 sailors are still under their custody.

Indian government has started its efforts to get their crew members released but no success has been reported as per the latest news. However, some boats are reported to be located by Indian teams.

Meanwhile, UAE dhow owners have announced to terminate their trade and commercial activities with the Somalian ports of Mogadishu and Kismayo following the latest attack by pirates. Dhow owners said that they do not want to put the life of crew members on risk for thinking of commercial advantages.

It should be recalled that Somali pirates armed with weapons hijacked eight crew members on Friday. The owners held an emergency meeting in Dubai and announced to tentatively suspend its commercial ties with Somalia.

Jagdip Ayachi, owner of the dhow MSV Sea Queen, which was hijacked on Saturday, added, "We are very worried. Its much worse than it has ever been before."