Carers deemed guilty of abusing dementia patients for fun

Carers deemed guilty of abusing dementia patients for funA disappointing incident has come to light in a care home where three carers have been found guilty of abusing dementia patients just to have some fun at their cost.

Katie Cairns, Gemma Pearson and Carol Ann Moore taunted, harassed and even stomped eight inhabitants with intense dementia since they might have no memory of the ill-use, which kept going 16 months.

One patient was even slapped on the face and tipped out of his wheelchair, Preston Crown Court found out during the hearing. An alternate had his foot stamped on while a third was mortified by nipple twisting. All these are shocking and worrisome incidents done by carers who are meant to take care of these vulnerable patients.

In spite of grumblings from staff, the misuse was concealed by chiefs and became exposed just after informants reached the Care Quality Commission. The misbehaviour occurred at the secretly run Hillcroft home in Slyne-with-Hest, Lancashire, between May 2010 and September2011.

The CQC educated the nearby power's adult protecting group, however it took five months for the protests to be passed on to police, who promptly started an examination.