DHA for stiff action against health frauds

Dubai-Health-Authority-LogoA senior official with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has said that stern action would be taken against those involved in medical insurance fraud. Several insurance fraud cases have come into limelight at various hospitals and clinics of Dubai in the recent past involving big fishes, according to reports published in media.

Dr. Haidar Al Yousuf, Director of the Health Funding Department at the DHA said that the degree of involvement of insurance providers in the frauds has been measured. Patients who convince doctors for availing insurance benefits would also be covered under the operation.

He, however, declined the widespread involvement of doctors in the fraud and assured that the problem, if exists, would be soon arrested by taking punitive measures against the defaulters.

Yousuf further added, "We have three or four lines of defense that we use to monitor the situation. We want to make sure no bad habits take root from the very beginning."