BSNL Penta Smart PS501 expected to be value for money

BSNL Penta Smart PS501 expected to be value for money Indian smartphone market is growing at a fast pace and everyone wants their share. Though there is enough scope for everyone but each one seem to be seeing the potential of the affordable smartphone category, with a major chunk of quality phone users expected to upgrade in the near future.

Pantel Technologies the manufacturer of tablets and smartphones under the Penta branding, on Friday launched its Penta Smart PS501 is association with BSNL.

The phone priced at Rs 6,999 could be a good option for those using BSNL service in the non-metro cities.

The Smart PS 501 has a sleek and sober look with a 5-inch IPS LCD capacitive display. A steel protective rim is installed on the front side while the back cover is moulded on the edges for proper grip.

The back camera comes up with a `flash-light'. The front camera is placed in the top left corner. The volume key is on the left and the power button on the right. The earphone jack and USB charger ports are all located on the top of the phone.

With a  BSNL branding the speaker grille is placed at the bottom on back of the smartphone. The earphones are just like any regular ones and do not have any extra zing even in terms of sound quality.

This phone is basically aimed at those who can't afford anything costly. It however manages to provide all the important features at a nominal price.