Walmart face protests on Black Friday

Walmart face protests on Black FridayOn Black Friday Workers' rights advocates in Massachusetts and nationwide showed up at Walmart stores to protest the retailer's labour practices.

Labour-backed groups used this day to launch demonstrations over wages and working conditions at Walmart.

Demonstrators gathered in the parking lots of about 40 Wal-Mart stores across the state, including in Quincy, Chelmsford, and Lynn. Nationwide, anti-Wal-Mart demonstrations were planned for 1,500 stores. At several rallies, police arrested some demonstrators.

Russ Davis, executive director of Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, a group which campaigns for higher wages and one of the organizers of the Friday protests in Massachusetts said, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is facing renewed criticism over wages and working conditions.

He added, "This is a show of support to say that we stand with the workers in their attempts to fight for better wages and working conditions."

There were peaceful arrests in nine cities, including Chicago, Washington, Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, Sacramento Union representatives said.

Vice president of communications at Wal-Mart David Tovar sent a mass e-mail to journalists a week before Black Friday. It included tips for reporting on the protests, even specific questions to ask. The organizers haven't been able to provide any specifics yet but say that a large number of workers are part of the protests.