Boy Died of Negligence by Health Officials

Boy Died of Negligence by Health OfficialsGeoffrey Tampin was suffering from mental health problems and was known for his aggressive behavior because of his disease. He had been missing his medication procedures and drinks excess of alcohol. He also used to take recreational drugs many times in months.

He has been charged of killing Dean Clark, his flatmate, in Balmoral Auckland last year. An inquiry has been commissioned by ADHD to check the mental care being provided to Tampin. They set up an inquiry to check care being given to him before killing, but did not allow releasing inquiry repot.

The health officials also refused to release the inquiry report, with a thought that any of its staff must not suffer any employment setback, because of murder. The parents of the boy said that their son died because of the negligence offered by the health officials.

The ADHD felt apologize in front of the parents of the boy for the problems faced by their son in getting proper heath care at the hospital. Dr. Margaret Wilsher, Chief medical officer, said: "Our health professionals strive to support individuals with complex needs. The outcomes are not predictable and that means we always need to work harder to improve health of our patients".