Nails are Hottest Fashion Symbol on this Planet

Nails are Hottest Fashion Symbol on this PlanetAccording to a new report, nails have been declared as the hottest fashion accessory on this planet.

Researchers said that people have been keeping long nails in favor of short and rounded. It has been reported that squoval nails seem to be trendier and classy. Along with this natural looking nails can also appeal more than animated ones.

To cite an example, nails of Beyonce, Rihanna and Adele are considered very prettier as they have long, pointed and flashy nails. Not only this, Gaga also has rocking and spiky nails from past many years.

But, one big drawback is linked with extremely glamorous and pointy nails i. e. they need very high maintenance. It has been declared that nails are more sensitive in comparison to your health.

It seems really bad to know that discoloring, brittleness and ridges of nails pose serious medical concerns to health. The new research states that such type of nails can cause serious heart diseases and hepatitis.

Small children are often advised to have cut their nails as there are chances of getting dirt fixed inside them. This can further cause serious fungal infections, bruising and many more. Scientists are in their research to find out that whether brittle nails are caused by lack of protein or moisture.