Fruit Flies that are Sexually Frustrated Lives Shorter Life

Fruit FliesAccording to a new report by scientists, sexually frustrated flies lives shorter life. In order to find out the reason behind this cause, they performed an experiment and placed flies in a chamber with contact to other male flies. When the male flies were unsuccessful in mating with female flies, they felt frustrated.

Scientists have proved that Drosophila melanogaster fly is a good indicator of human neurological function over past many years. It has been reported that males have been genetically modified to produce female pheromone scent.

Scientists found that when sexually stimulated flies were allowed to mate, their lifespan gets increased. Scott D. Pletcher, senior author of the University of Michigan study, said: "The cutting-edge genetics and neurobiology used in this research suggests that for fruit flies at least, it may not be myth that sexual frustration is health issue".

He said that allowing flies to have sex without any restriction leads to detrimental in their health and cut their life span. Pletcher says that sexually rewards specifically promote health aging. He said that this research gave first evidence of link between aging and physiology, which are influenced by brain processes and rewards.

Scientists are comparing these trends in fruit flies with that of humans, because fruit flies have been expected to have significant behavior with human brain.