Govt Intervened to Pay DHBs for Graduate Doctors’ Recruitment

District-Health-BoardsIt has been unveiled that the government had to intervene and rescue District Health Boards. The government has made payments to the DHBs so that they can higher graduate doctors.

But the Nurses Organisation has found that the DHBs have recruited 24 extra doctors. Hilary Graham-Smith, Associate professional services manager of the Nurses Organisation, is shocked to know about the surplus.

Hillary was of the view that Health Workforce New Zealand, which is responsible for managing staffing levels across the health sector across the nation, should be aware of number of doctors and other staff members in hospitals.

It is a matter of concern if it gets revealed the agency is having no idea that doctors recruited by them will be more than the places in 2013. In addition, the organization has affirmed that it is not at all healthy that the government should pay the DHBs.

But acting director Dr Ruth Anderson has something different to affirm. Dr Anderson has affirmed that the DHBs have been instructed to give importance to the placements of NZ residents studying in NZ medical schools.

"Health Workforce New Zealand and the Government have been, and continue to be, committed to ensuring there are sufficient ... places for our domestic government-funded medical graduates", affirmed Hillary.