1.7 million households in Sydney switches to digital TV

1.7 million households in Sydney switches to digital TVWith only digital reception taking over analog television signals have been switched off in Sydney and surrounding areas.

This switchover is Australia's largest till date, with more than 1.7 million households involved, bringing the national tally to more than 8.7 million nationwide. The federal government's Digital Switchover Taskforce revealed that there are only two more regions left for the change.

At 9am (AEDT) on Tuesday this permanent switch over took place.

People who have not converted yet will have the option of switching to a digital TV or attaching a digital set-top box or digital recorder to their analog TV.

About three weeks ago the federal Department of Communications estimated that six per cent (more than 104,000) of 1,738,200 Sydney households had yet to make the switch.

On December 10, the final digital switchover in Australia is scheduled to take place with Melbourne and remote and central eastern Australian regions left to switch of Australia's remaining analog TV signals.

In June 2010, in Mildurra Victoria this country-wide switchover had begun. The government auctioned off most of the analog signal spectrum that opened up as part of the Digital Dividend, with telcos buying up the 700MHz spectrum to expand their 4G network.