600 new under-16s take to smoking daily in the UK

600 new under-16s take to smoking daily in the UKLatest data suggests that close to 600 youngsters including children as junior as 11 years old start with cigarette smoking each day in the whole of UK.

Cancer Research UK and Imperial College London discovered that approximately 463 kids begin smoking daily in Britain including 50 in Scotland, 30 in Wales and 19 in Northern Ireland.

There were 207,000 new kid smokers between 2010 and 2011 which is 50,000 more than those who took to the habit of smoking last year.

The exploration was an 'auspicious indication of the scale of the tobacco issue', cautioning that dependence on smoking could slaughter 50% of the youths said Alison Cox, from Cancer Research UK.

She added that the 570 under-16s who begin smoking each day are dreadfully numerous lives that will be cursed by an enslavement that will kill at least half of them, provided that they go ahead to wind up long haul smokers.

A week ago responsibility from the legislature to further investigate standardised bundling for tobacco items is a stage in the right heading that will give kids one less motivation to begin smoking.