Apple’s iPhone OS 4.0 review

Apple iPhone OS UpdateWith the extraordinary user interface being one of the most noteworthy features of the original Apple iPhone OS itself, the subsequent versions of the operating system have been marked with addition of new stuff at every new development stage.

The notable features of the recently-announced iPhone 4.0 OS include – third-party multitasking; the capability of organizing apps into folders; and file attachments that can be opened in third-party apps.

However, the iPhone 4.0 OS does not aim at making the iPhone (and also the newly-released iPad) autonomous – a fact that is evident from the dependence of the devices on iTunes some of the basic functions like syncing, and document transfer.

Moreover, there has been no disclosure from Apple as to whether the multitasking feature of the newest iPhone OS will affect the battery life. Though it has been revealed that with the multitasking options being carefully-controlled, the battery life will not be adversely affected, the fact that the OS is still in beta, no information about multitasking’s affect on battery is available as yet.

Apple also refrained from announcing one of biggest changes that the new iPhone OS entails – the changes made to the developers’ agreement. The OS update requires third-party developers to write apps using Apple’s own programming tools, rather than those provided by other companies - apparently including Adobe’s forthcoming Packager for iPhone.