Some of QER workers to find jobs in oil refinery

Some of QER workers to find jobs in oil refineryQueensland Energy Resources (QER) says when it shuts down its shale oil pilot plant at Yarwun next year, 50 jobs are expected to be lost.

Some of the workers who will lose their jobs at the shale oil project will be hired by a company which is building a waste lube oil recycling plant near Gladstone.

Southern Oil which is scheduled to open a waste motor oil refinery at the site in February is planning to take on four or five former QER workers.

Managing director, Tim Rose said, "We've been in discussions with QER, we've still got a few people that we haven't employed yet, about four or five [jobs] and we're hoping that we might be able to pick up some of their people and bring them on board here." "Clearly we're at the end of our process of recruiting most of our people, so we can't take any more than that."

Mr Rose mentioned that the refinery's future is secure.

When the refinery is up and running it will employ about 40 people, plus contractors and others serving the business.