Some Relief for Rail Commuters as fares cap will cut trip to London by £1

London-RailOn Thursday rail passengers and motorists got some relief from expected extra costs when the chancellor cancelled a planned rise in fuel duty and limited average train fare rises to inflation.

This means people of Scotland using cross-border services will witness prices move up by 3.1% next month instead of the intended 4.1%.

This decision to restrict regulated fare increases at Retail Price Index, instead of RPI+1% came months after the Scottish Government promised the same for people using Scotrail services. The regulated fares would include season tickets, single and off-peak journeys.

George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer also announced that regulated train fares should only increase by inflation next month, rather than the planned RPI+1%. It means that average fares for season tickets and off-peak returns will grow by 3.1%, with some endorsed to rise by 5.1% at the operator's discretion.

Osborne told the Commons he had received "representations from many friends" over petrol prices, adding: "Cancelling fuel duty rises has been a priority for this government." He said the move meant that petrol would be 20p a litre less than under plans inherited from Labour, or "£11 less every time you fill up".