Demonstration For Higher Wages by Fast Food Workers

Demonstration For Higher Wages by Fast Food WorkersOn Thursday to protest against low wages about 30 bundled-up fast-food workers picketed in cold and windy conditions outside the Forest Street McDonald's restaurant.

According to volunteer organizer Melissa Engels-Lewis, workers from McDonald's, Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken and Michael, a retail store were among those who participated in the protest.

It was part of a nationwide protest by fast-food employees calling for a wage increase to $15 an hour and the right to join a union without the threat of employer retaliation.

Jessy West of Schofield, a cook at Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken said, "We're the ones that cook the food, the product, and we're the ones who make sure that everything is out properly, and the big bosses just sit there behind their desks."

"I make $7.45 an hour and I go pay check-to-pay check," "I'm not able to pay my insurance; I'm not able to pay my bills on time. Its hard." said West.

A customer at the McDonald's restaurant Lorin Lueddecke of Wausau had a different view about this issue.

As per his opinion, "If they don't like minimum wage, then what they should do is go get themselves educated and get a better-paying job,"  "If they want minimum wage jobs to be at a higher-paying level, then I think it's going to cause inflation."

However, critics say a large increase in wages would force employers to cut jobs and raise prices.