Reappearance of Virus Causing AIDS Observed in 2 Men

Reappearance of Virus Causing AIDS Observed in 2 MenResearchers are saying that a pair of HIV-positive men from Boston has observed the reappearance of the virus that causes AIDS in their bloodstream. Earlier the two thought that they have been cured from the disease after undergoing bone marrow transplants.

The Boston Globe reports a team led by Dr. Timothy Henrich. Henrich is an infectious disease specialist at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. On Friday, he revealed the poor findings at a Florida conference on HIV.

Henrich told The Globe," This suggests that we need to look deeper, or we need to be looking in other tissues . . . the liver, gut, and brain".

Both patients supposedly had undergone bone marrow transplants to fight with lymphoma. Since, the transplant, they had stopped taking the expensive medicines that prevents HIV from reproducing in the body.

HIV is a virus that attacks and destroys immune system of the body. An HIV-positive patient is said to have AIDS once their immune system has weaken beyond a certain, clinically calculated level.

In one of the Boston patients' cases, the virus supposedly re-emerged after 12 weeks of not having taken medicine. In the other, it returned after 32 weeks.

Till now, merely one person is supposed to have ever been cured of HIV in the world.