Patients Admitted on Weekends Receive Poorer Care at NHS

Patients Admitted on Weekends Receive Poorer Care at NHSThe new report states that people who have routine operation on Friday are 24% more likely to die in comparison to those, who have in week. Dr. Foster said that people having their checkups on weekend are charged worse than those who had earlier in a week.

Not only this, there are also 3.9% more chances of readmission to the hospitals for those patients, who were admitted on Fridays. This report has been published by Prof. Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director at NHS.

It has also been revealed from several high profile studies in past that those patients, who were admitted to hospitals on bank holidays or on weekends have poorer outcomes. There are also 20% more chances of dying than those admitted on weekdays.

About 68% of doctors believe that patients admitted on weekends receive poorer care along with an increase in higher death rate.

A survey was conducted by researchers to find out the cause of this. They found that lack of senior staff is working at NHS wards on weekends might be reason for this problem. Although, some improvement has been seen in the care at the hospital, but still there seems have variations in lack of access to diagnostic tests.