Nissan takes its car sales online

Nissan takes its car sales onlineOn Monday Japan's Nissan Motor Co. said that it will start selling its cars and make its entire product line up available for purchase via the internet in India.

The company mentioned in a statement, "Customers will be able to book their cars by making payments through an online gateway by credit card. The car will then be delivered to the customer by their nearest Nissan dealership when ready."

This service was started by Skoda in October this year. A customer can book a Skoda vehicle through the internet by making an advance payment of Rs 5,000. The amount would be fully refunded if the customer chooses to cancel the booking.

Experts are of the opinion that it's an experiment, which may work out for a company like Nissan, which has few sales and service points and will gain popularity in the smaller cities and towns.

Japanese automaker Nissan started selling its products in India from 2010. It has at least 100 dealerships with only six in the national capital region. The company sells models including the Micra, Sunny, Nissan Evalia (MPV), and Terrano.